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Clean up your forest

The forest is our playground. And since we get to places where even the most ardent mushroom picker or tourist does not get lost during races and training, we care about the cleanliness of the forest not just around footpaths and paths, but also in such places - and we gradually clean them from garbage that does not belong in the forest. Our activity is an ideal complement to activities such as "Clean up the Czechia", "plogging" and the like.

More about the project. 

Plant your forest

The forest, our playground, is currently completely disappearing due to the bark beetle calamity. We see this as an opportunity to begin the transformation of our monocultural forests into species-rich, strong stands that not only cope with the changing climate, but also provide better enjoyment and higher orienteering quality for all orienteering sports and for the public. We want to contribute to this as a union, divisions and each of us. More about the project.

More about the project. 

Greening when organizing competitions

The growing popularity of orienteering sports means a larger number of competitors and newcomers to races, up to 2,000 people. As responsible partners of our nature, we try to lead by example and figure out how to minimize the impact of such events on nature.…

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Participation in the activity "Let's Clean the World, "Let's clean up Czechia"

Orienteering athletes and their teams have been participating in cleaning events for many years as part of the "Let's Clean the World, Let's Clean the Czechia" activity.

More about the project.

Participation in the activity "Plogging Czechia"

Orienteering athletes have been participating in Plogging Czechia cleaning events for several years. More about the project.

Czech Ministry of the Environment - #dostbyloplastu (= Enough plastics)

Czech O-federation pursues the same goals in its activities and organizing competitions as the campaign of the Ministry of the Environment „Enough plastics“ - #dostbyloplastu.

It is most visible when organizing competitions.

World Orienteering Championships 2021 in Czechia

A large event with a global reach is also involved in the Čist-O-les (Clean-O-Forest) initiative. With its approach and its activities, it wants to significantly support and strengthen the element of ecology not only in orienteering and sport as such  – see more about Sustainable WOC 2021