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Plant your forest

We are helping and participating in forest restoration projects.

The bark beetle calamity destroys the forest - our playground. Fortunately, not all and not everywhere, but without the help owners alone can hardly succeed. Orienteering athletes are therefore active and try to contribute to the restoration of the forest with all their might. At the same time, we are trying to contribute with our voice to the change from monocultural forests to species-rich, strong stands that will be age-rich and species-rich, with several heights. Such forests better retain water, create shade, purify the air, cool the surrounding landscape and thus help us cope with the changing climate. At the same time, they will provide better enjoyment and higher orienteering quality for all orienteering sports and for the public.

 In order to contribute as an association, divisions and each of us, we join forces with forest owners (primarily with the Lesy ČR = Forests of the Czech Republic) and offer them assistance in planting new forests and other forest works leading to the restoration, improvement and beautification of forest stands and forest environment.

We regulary participate in the event Day for reforestation organized by Lesy ČR (Forests of the Czech Republic) and other events to help the forests.