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Greening when organizing competitions

Project focused on organizers of orienteering competitions.

We are the most natural sport and so let's be as ecological as possible! It will return to us not only with a better forest experience, but perhaps also with the fact that the owners will be happy to let us into their forests - and as a reward we will clean or plant their forest a bit …


Our commitment to forest friendliness can be documented, among other things, by the fact, that for more than 10 years we have been a "paperless" sport, where all registrations of union members, race schedules and all other information, race applications, split times, team rosters and everything else run 100% electronically.


What we are thinking about:

- How to minimize the volume of disposable plastics when organizing competitions
- How to ensure careful sorting and subsequent recycling of used plastics
- How to use a greener toilets


The best example will be World Orienteering Championship 2021 held in Czech Republic.

Sustainable WOC.