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The goal of Čist-O-les / Clean-O-forest and its activities is to maintain and improve the cleanliness of the forest and the environment as a space in which orienteering sports take place.

To have something to clean, we also help forest owners to plant the forest. We participated in a big way on Day for reforestation (19.10.2019)


(Running, MTB, XC skiing)




nature sports

ecological in organizing competitions


helping forest owners

active in the education of all generations

Like orienteering itself, Čist-O-les / Clean-O-forest is an activity for everyone

 The Čist-O-les / Clean-O-forest initiative was established within the activities of the Czech Association of Orienteering Sports, specifically the ČSOS Innovation Support Council.

Everyone who cares about the forest and its use for recreation and sports is invited to participate and cooperate.

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